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  • Machining Center
    A Dreamy Machining Center is born!
    Perfectly matching to the AERO CRAFT and AUTOMOBILE Industries..
    A(C) and B axis with high performance DD (Direct Drive) motor built-in.
  • 5X-410,5C5A-5X

5 axis MC / 5 side Processing machine

  • Perfect Machining Center of being able to process with 5-axis at the same time.
  • Perfect vertical Machining Center.
  • Perfect 2-Pallet Horizontal Machining Center.
  • Machining slope perfectly.
  • The new model has FANUC high torgue at A and B(C) axis with high performance DD motor built-in.
  • Extremely high accuracy and high performance processing can be done due to the installation of Scale Feedback and DD motor.

It is the first machining center which has various perfect functions.

©Patent right was registered in October,2015.

  • Vertical machining center.
  • Horizontal machining center.
  • 5-axis machining center designed for machining of multiple-surface.
  • Simuitaneous 5-axis machining center.
  • APC of 2 pallets is the standard specification.
  • 5C5A-5X is 5 side/5 axis Machining Center and only one time Setting up should be OK for the complicated machining.

5-side/5-axis Machining Center 5C5A-5X

Machine Specification/2 pallets

  • Horizontal macining center
  • Vertical macining center
Table size 20in * 20"
X-axis travel 29.5"
Back and forth-axis Full stroke:47.64
< Horizontal spindle >
Z stroke (Distance between pallet center and spindle nose):0~27.95"
< Vertical spindle >
Y stroke :19.69"
The Y stroke is displayed as the Z axis in the program.
Up and down-axis < Horizontal spindle >
Y stroke (Distance between table top surface and spindle center):3.15~29.15"
< Vertical spindle >
Z stroke (Distance between table top surface and spindle nose):0~23.6"
The Y stroke is displayed as the Z axis in the program.
A-axis travel 120° (90° + 15° - 15°)
B-axis travel 360°(continuous)
Min. index angle of table 0.001°(A&B - axis)
Spindle taper BT40 or CAT40
Spindle speed 12,000rpm(option 15,000rpm)
Spindle motor 30HP(22kw) Max torque:190Nm
Number of tools 68 tools
Tool selection system Absolute address
Max.tool diameter
(Adjacent pot empty)
Max.tool length 13.8"
Max.tool weight 17.6lbs
APC 2 pallets
NC system FANUC 31i-B5


You can check the operation status of the machining center by video.